3 reasons why you should work out with a personal trainer

The thought of working out with a personal trainer can be a little bit daunting and intimidating to fitness novices. But once you bite the bullet and book a session you’ll soon discover the benefits of exercising under the watchful eye of a professional, just like I have at Fernwood Fitness.

1. All eyes on you

It doesn’t get any better than one-on-one training with a professional. I seriously can’t think of a more effective way to workout. Most importantly with sessions personalised to your specific wants and needs you are sure to achieve your fitness goals faster, as well as learn new exercises with the correct, and all important, technique.

2. Time saver

When I go to the gym solo I’m more likely to dilly-dally around and not really achieve much in an hour or so. My personal training sessions at Fernwood Fitness run for half hour, which is perfect for my full-time schedule, and with someone else running the show not one minute is wasted! This allows me to get home early on a day off and get on with things, with a real feeling of accomplishment behind me.

3. Fun!

You know you’re having fun breaking a sweat when you spend the time between each rep chatting to your PT! I’ve formed a great relationship with my Fernwood personal trainer thanks to regular one-on-one sessions over the last year. An added bonus here is she well aware of my disdain for burpees and my love for boxing and tailors her workouts for me to ensure I’m enjoying every session.

Personal trainer

By Anne Fedorowytsch

Find a personal trainer at Fernwood Fitness

Fernwood Fitness has 69 locations Australia wide and offers personal trainer services. I train once a week with the amazing Antonella at Fernwood’s Camberwell location. To find your nearest centre connect online below.

Website: fernwoodfitness.com.au

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Facebook: Fernwood Fitness

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