6 tips to stress less on a daily basis

I’m stressed. In fact I’d even go as far to say I’m in a constant state of stress. Whether it’s my never-ending to-do list, work worries or more personal concerns I rarely find myself in a state of full relaxation.

I guess the first step to overcoming a problem is admitting you have one *raises hand*. I think in this day and age, particularly with social media and technology playing prevalent roles in society, feeling overwhelmed and living with a racing mind has become the norm for a lot of us.

Short of throwing in the towel and running away from all my troubles on a holiday (wouldn’t that be nice!) I’ve found some simple ways to stress less in recent times. Frequent workouts at Fernwood Fitness are especially helping me keep my mind in check – nothing beats a solid boxing session with my PT, and weekly cardio and weights sessions are also alleviating my worries.

It’s often thought exercising play a pivotal part for in fighting daily stresses so it’s with this in mind I sought to find out why it’s such an effective stress reliever from Fernwood Fitness Exercise Specialist Emma Nickholds.

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Stress is an increasingly prominent issue for women, why are we so stressed?

I think as a society we are always on the go. We are a generation where we get everything instantly and that flows on into our mindset. Fast paced, quick thinking and constantly being on high alert, all impact our stress hormone, Cortisol.

How can exercise help us stress less?

Exercise can definitely be used as an outlet to relieve stress. This may be done mentally, by having a clearer mind or physically by increasing your endorphin levels reducing tension, improving sleep and improving self-esteem.

Is all exercise equal or are some forms better than others for reducing stress?

No form is better or worse than the other, it really just depends on the person. Yoga may suit some people more than say running 10km on a treadmill. Everyone deals differently with stress and different things clear people minds.

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Name three types of exercise that can best combat stress and why.

1. Lifting heavy weights

I personally like to lift heavy weights to clear my mind. I then only have to think about me and the bar, how to move it correctly and to the best of my ability.

2. Boxing session

You may prefer to have a boxing session with your Personal Trainer or in a class. This would allow you to exert your stress in a contact and physical way. Letting your emotions out fiercely.

3. Yoga

Then there is something like Yoga which is always great to relieve tension and clear the head. To only focus on the breath and poses can declutter your mind.

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Name three simple lifestyle changes women can make to help reduce stress.

1. Listen to yourself

I think if you can slow the monkey mind down, peace will follow through your day to day activities. Be aware of your self-talk.

2. You are what you eat

Something I see a lot as a Trainer is using food or alcohol as a crutch to make yourself feel better. Be mindful of why you are eating or drinking and the emotions behind it.

3. Plan ahead

Preparation and organisation is often key. If you can think ahead, and use your time wisely, stress and anxiety can be greatly reduced in many areas of your life. From food preparation and exercise routines, to what you are going to wear for the day or even taking an umbrella with you.

Any other thoughts or tips?

Exercise because you want to, not because you have to. So, find something you love doing!

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