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5 reasons why you should check out the Big Bash this summer

The cricket season has sprung meaning many of you are most likely fighting for your fair share of the remote off of your significant other. Traditional test matches can be a longggg slog, five days…

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Let’s get clinical at Clinica Lase

When it comes to the relationship I share with my skin I can say it’s one mostly fraught with frustration and a whole lot of misunderstanding. It feels like forever ago since I set out…

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Travel Diary: 2015 Tour Down Under

If there’s one week I look forward to the most during the year it would almost always be the Tour Down Under (TDU) week in January. Growing up in Adelaide it was impossible to not…

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Travel Diary: Ocean Grove

Ocean Grove may not be the first beach on everyone’s lips, in fact neighbouring Barwon Heads is the bayside town that so often steals the spotlight off the sleepy hollow. But come the Christmas and…

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Travel Diary: New Zealand

When I told people I would be holidaying in New Zealand I was often met with a funny look followed by the question, ‘Why New Zealand?’. Well, for all the doubters I can show you why.…

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