Do you even micro?

Ok I’ll admit it. I used to be afraid of the thought of having any type of procedure on my face that involved the phrase ‘abrasion’. Ye-ouch! No thank you.

But this all changed after I was convinced to try a microdermabrasion facial at a clinic about a year ago. So I wasn’t scared anymore but I was now a sceptic having walked away thinking my trusty Clarisonic does just as good a job.

So clearly I’ve gone to one extreme to the other all while losing interest in trying the treatment again. Enter Laser Clinics Australia at Chadstone where I’ve recently started laser hair removal. Not only are they laser pros but the clinic also offers a wide variety of skin treatments.

With little hesitation I thought what better time to give micro another go and especially with the races just around the corner. I booked in two days before Caulfield Cup day, just in case, and was in and out in less than half an hour feeling very fresh faced and well taken care of.

What I liked about my cleansing microdermabrasion, in addition to my post treatment glow (see below), was that I felt the exfoliation and polishing as it went along. I love the feeling of something actively improving my complexion.

Furthermore, microdermabrasion is what the lovely ladies at Laser Clinics refer to as a ‘minimal downtime’ procedure. Despite a touch of redness around my sensitive eyes, which was all but gone the following day, my skin feels oh-so smooth making for the perfect canvas for a minimal makeup look.

For a limited time, until November 30,¬†Laser Clinics¬†has 30% off all skin treatments to help you uncover your effortless summer skin. The warmer months are all about minimal makeup and feeling comfortable in your own skin and I’m sure on my way to being carefree this season.

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