How to find time to workout in your busy schedule

So much to do and so little time… who else can relate? Ever since I started working more traditional 9-5 hours I’ve felt the pressure of having a never ending to-do list hanging over my head.

Over the last eight months I’ve come to learn ways around a lack of hours in my day, particularly in relation to making time for exercise as I strive to maintain my health and fitness throughout the busy AFL season.

Scroll down to discover four simple ways you can find time to workout within your busy schedule.

Find time to workout

Get a move on

Find ways to move throughout your busy day.

I rack up a few km’s each day simply from walking on my commute to and from the office. By parking a number of blocks away from the train station I have no choice but to break a sweat first and last thing of my day. I also buy my lunch most days so have an opportunity to get out and stretch my legs early in the afternoon.

Efficiency is key

When you do have time to workout, make it count.

The aim here is to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort. If you have an hour, or even just 20-30 mins, to spare pick a workout you know you’ll get the most out of. Whether it be a 45 minute Body Pump class or a high intensity circuit session at Fernwood Fitness the goal is to make every minute count.

Bite the bullet for the better

Sometimes you’ve just got to make sacrifices.

Sure I would love to go home, kick back with a glass of wine and watch Real Housewives every night but that’s not going to get me closer to my fitness goals. So if an afterwork workout means less time to chill at home in the evenings, over an early morning session which is definitely not for me, then that’s a compromise I’m just going to have to make and accept.

Keep a commitment

Make a commitment you’ll find hard to break.

I like to lock in a personal training session at Fernwood Fitness once a week. By being accountable to someone else’s time means I rarely miss an appointment so am virtually guaranteed at least one solid hit-out on the weekend if my busyness gets in the way during the working week. Whether it be a PT or even training with a friend, you’ll find it hard to say no when your motivation or time is low.


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