My new role at the AFL

So after six years with the AFL social media team I’m thrilled to be signing on full time as Social Audience Lead – AFL. It’s really a long and hard-fought dream come true!

In a nutshell, I’ll be further running the AFL social media accounts and stepping up in terms of my responsibilities. My role will continue to grow and develop overtime as our team and broader department goes through some structural changes.

In my previous positions I was either employed casually or on a contract basis so to now have a permanent position is a huge relief for me! I also had to go through an external job application process, which made for a few uneasy months.

I’m just so thrilled to have finally gotten to this point in my career. I love what I do, I’m super passionate and can’t wait for covering more games in the blue social media vest!

Anne Fedorowytsch - AFL

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