I love the Tour Down Under, now that’s no secret. Having grown up in Adelaide the annual event is simply a part of South Australian culture. There’s just about always a corner of the city and… View Full Post

Adelaide’s annual Tour Down Under is without doubt one of my favourite weeks on the calendar. I always love going back home for a visit but this is one occasion in particular that simply can’t… View Full Post

If there’s one week I look forward to the most during the year it would almost always be the Tour Down Under (TDU) week in January. Growing up in Adelaide it was impossible to not… View Full Post

When I told people I would be holidaying in New Zealand I was often met with a funny look followed by the question, ‘Why New Zealand?’. Well, for all the doubters I can show you why.… View Full Post

Working in footy means full weekends off come seldom to me, especially after the addition of the AFL Women’s Competition to my calendar. What should’ve felt like round six of the regular season last weekend seemed more… View Full Post