Take me back to the 2018 Tour Down Under! Holidays seem long gone to me now, even though our week in Adelaide was only a fortnight ago. Now I’m counting down to tonight’s AFL Women’s… View Full Post

Adelaide will always hold a special place in my heart. I grew up in the South Australian capital before moving across to Victoria in 2013. If you know me you know how parochial I am… View Full Post

I love the Tour Down Under, now that’s no secret. Having grown up in Adelaide the annual event is simply a part of South Australian culture. There’s just about always a corner of the city and… View Full Post

There’s something so nostalgic about a denim skirt, especially for a 1990’s baby like me. Hello childhood in a nutshell! And a supermodel Claudia Schiffer slogan t-shirt? It’s sassy, it’s cute, it’s a little bit cheeky.… View Full Post

Adelaide’s annual Tour Down Under is without doubt one of my favourite weeks on the calendar. I always love going back home for a visit but this is one occasion in particular that simply can’t… View Full Post