The best of boxing: Why you’ll fall in love with the gloves

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with boxing. From just about the first time my Fernwood Fitness personal trainer handed me a pair of gloves, I’ve been hooked ever since – pun intended!

Simply said there’s just something so satisfying about completing a workout where all your senses are switched on and firing at once. It’s as much a win for your mind as it is for your physical wellbeing.

This on-trend exercise has been boosted in popularity by the likes of Australian models Jesinta Franklin, Bambi Northwood Blyth and Brooke Hogan as well as AFL players Nathan Jones, Jake Lever and Jake Stringer.

I asked my fit coach, Antonella Pietromartire, at Fernwood Fitness Camberwell why she loves giving the gloves to her clients.


What are the key benefits of boxing?

Stress relief – Hitting stuff makes you feel better!

Improves coordination – Moving lots of body parts at the same time, and to a target, requires good coordination between body and brain.

Improves strength and power – Boxing is the ultimate full body workout.

Why are more and more women embracing boxing?

Women don’t necessarily want to step into a ring and ‘fight’ each other, however we caught on that it is a quick workout that torches calories, tests our physical health and improves our mental health.

How do your clients transform after incorporating boxing into their workout regimes?

I notice strength first and foremost as well as increased body awareness and improved cardio fitness and endurance.

What’s the best way for a beginner to start boxing?

A class is a fun way to start, particularly at Fernwood as you get to meet other women who enjoy boxing. Those looking to take their technique further can find improvement one-on-one with a personal trainer.

Boxing circuit workout

Warm up – skipping or stair runs for up to 3 mins

Straight punches (jab cross) x 50

Burpees x 15

Hooks x 50

Bicycle abs x 15

Upper cuts x 50

Push ups x 15

Hooks x 50

Box jumps x 15

Repeat x 3


Get started with boxing at Fernwood Fitness

Fernwood Fitness has 69 locations Australia wide and offers boxing classes and personal trainer services. I train once a week with the amazing Antonella at Fernwood’s Camberwell location. To find your nearest centre connect online below.


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