Danielle Robertson: 3 reasons why you should join Fernwood’s 12 Week Challenge

Getting motivated to be the butt-kicking best version of yourself isn’t as easy as the idea sounds, for the most part. Work gets in the way, family commitments, housework, day-to-day stresses etc… it all adds up!

Those good intentions of waking up early to fit in a workout or going to a gym class after work can so quickly dissipate the moment any of the above get in the way. But I’m on a mission to overcome my bad habits and excuses, and if other girls can, then I can too *insert fist-pump emoji here*.

Enter Fernwood’s 12 Week Challenge! I recently caught up with 12WC ambassador, law student and personal trainer Danielle Robertson – you might know her as @dannibelle on Instagram – who didn’t take long to convince me to sign up to the three-month program (open to everyone not just Fernwood members!).

Fernwood 12 Week Challenge

Three reasons why women should sign up to Fernwood’s 12 Week Challenge.

1. The 12 Week Challenge offers more than just workouts, it’s a complete lifestyle program offering nutritious recipes, goal setting tools and 24/7 live community support 

2. The workouts included in the program are challenging but fun, catering to every fitness level from beginner to advanced 

3. It’s an opportunity to change not only your body but improve your health, mindset and lifestyle

What motivates you to workout?

The feeling of being healthy and strong is second to none. I remind myself of that post-workout feeling whenever I lack motivation to exercise. 

Fernwood 12 Week Challenge

How do you find time to workout when you have so much on your plate?

I try to get my exercise done first thing in the morning! If I leave my workouts to the afternoon or evening I will think about it all day and there’s sure to be a thousand excuses that will stop be from completing it. Do it in the morning – before your brain figures out what you’re doing! Haha but seriously ticking it off as your first priority sets the mood for the day. With the release of endorphins I find I am mentally able to cope with a large workload. The positive energy just carries me through the day and assists me with everything I do. 

If you’re anything like me then accountability is a huge motivating factor for you too. I’m prepared to knuckle down over the next few months and finally achieve that best version of me and would love you to join me on my 12WC journey!

I’m super excited to offer my readers 15% off the price of participating in Fernwood’s 12 Week Challenge. Again, you don’t have to be a Fernwood member to join and with access to over 500 recipes and 300 exercises with instructional images and videos you can complete the 12WC anywhere!

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*Discount code expires February 27, 2017

Fernwood 12 Week Challenge

By Anne Fedorowytsch

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