5 reasons why you’ll fall in love with epi-blading

So you want to shave your face. Wait, what? That idea isn’t as far fetched as it sounds…

Professionally known as epi-blading, or dermaplaning, removing that pesky peach-like fuzz on your face is a surprisingly simple way to improve your complexion for the better.

I know what you’re thinking but I highly advise backing away from your razor! A DIY job will see you run the risk of nicks, rash, spreading bacteria and a patchy result.

That’s where the skin experts at Clinica Lase come in. These lovely ladies won’t miss a spot with their super steady hands and surgical-like precision. I recently tried out the procedure and now much prefer my face hair free!

These fine hairs are holding you back for a number of reasons and I’ve got five that will seriously make you want to book an epi-blading session yesterday.

Anne Fedorowytsch

1. The only way to baby-smooth skin

You might think you know smooth, but nothing will prepare you for the absolute total smoothness of a fuzz-free face.

2. Your makeup will never look better

Without any tiny hairs in the way your makeup/tinted moisturiser/bb cream will absolutely enhance your natural complexion rather than cover it, something you’ll be sure to notice after a full days wear.

3. Exfoliation for the win

Epi-blading also acts as a deep exfoliation for your skin. Basically a surgical blade is finely worked over face removing the outer layers of dead skin cells in the process.

4. Stubble is just a myth

About a week after your treatment you will most likely feel the regrowth but nothing will be noticeable. The good news is epi-blading doesn’t stimulate more hair growth or for it to grow back coarsely. It’s been a month since my session and my hair has grown back exactly as it was before.

5. Minimal downtime

Did someone say no downtime? Aside from the procedure allowing you to put your feet up for a relaxing half an hour – it’s not painful at all – you’ll also be right to use your usual products straight away. I experienced some slight redness but this was gone within 24 hours.


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