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5 minutes with: Retired NRL women’s star Allana Ferguson

“To get to the point now where girls know we do play rugby league and it’s out there and our games have gotten a little bit of air time and the game’s growing – that in itself is such a huge accomplishment and such a dream come true.”  Allana Ferguson is a woman on a mission. As a self-confessed ‘footy head’ this passionate 25-year-old is determined to change the National…

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5 reasons why you’ll fall in love with epi-blading

So you want to shave your face. Wait, what? That idea isn’t as far fetched as it sounds… Professionally known as epi-blading, or dermaplaning, removing that pesky peach-like fuzz on your face is a surprisingly simple way to improve your complexion for the better. I know what you’re thinking but I highly advise backing away from your razor! A DIY job will see you run the risk of nicks, rash,…

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5 minutes with: Teacher & Model Brit Selwood

I caught up with Brit Selwood (neé Davis) ahead of her role of Australian Grand Prix Ambassador in 2016. – Brit Davis is a quintessential Melbourne girl with a bubbly personality and stunning looks to match. The Parkdale native, who now calls Geelong home with partner Geelong captain Joel Selwood, has just been appointed 2016 Formula 1® Rolex Australia Grand Prix ambassador. It’s not hard to see why the 24-year-old…

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What is PICO Genesis and why you need to know about it

I have to tell you about PICO Genesis, hands down the best skincare treatment I’ve tried and what I have to thank for my holiday glow. I place a high importance on looking after my skin. From wearing sunscreen daily to keeping up with skin treatments and products, I will leave no stone unturned in having the healthiest complexion I can. A short time before I went overseas in 2018…

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5 minutes with: TV presenter & AFLW player Abbey Holmes

“I had to pinch myself a few times looking around and going, it’s just amazing because they’re here for us” – Abbey Holmes. To say the inaugural NAB AFL Women’s Competition was been a success would simply be an understatement. The eight-team league exceeded all expectations as it captured the heart and imagination of people of all ages Australia-wide. From their infectious enthusiasm to their dedication and never-say-die attitude, these…

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Review: My all-time favourite face masks

I’m a firm believer that every woman needs a face mask in her skincare routine, stat. At least one. Maybe two. I move between three or four. Once you get on board the mask bandwagon it’s kinda hard to stop. But there’s good reason for it! To explain the wonders of these products I caught up with Crystal, a skincare expert and founder of Melbourne skincare clinic Clinica Lase. I’ve also…

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