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Behind the scenes: 2017 AFL Grand Final

As a die-hard Crows supporter I’ve always maintained the belief that the last thing I would want in footy would be to LOSE a Grand Final. Well… turns out that happened. Almost a year ago to the day. It still stings, particularly after a disappointing 2018 season. But now with a new finals story being written it’s a little bit easier to leave the heartache of the 2017 AFL Grand…

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5 minutes with: TV presenter & sports journalist Erin Molan

Erin Molan is not only a bright and bubbly personality with a stunning smile and wicked sense of humour to match, but a true trailblazer and leader for women in sports journalism. The 36-year-old’s passion and pride for her various media roles, most notably as co-host of The NRL Footy Show, was evident from the moment I started picking her brain on all things career at Rebel’s new Chadstone store launch in 2016. With a…

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5 minutes with: 2018 Australian Grand Prix Ambassador Brooke Meredith

“It’s about women as strong, independent and career-driven people, and to be recognised as part of that is honestly so humbling.” Brooke Meredith is a breath of fresh air. The 28-year-old, who is making waves in the health and wellness industry with her magazine A Conscious Collection, has recently been announced as the 2018 Australian Grand Prix Ambassador. As you can tell by Brooke’s wise words, ambition runs deep for…

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Behind the scenes: 2018 AFLX Tournaments

Ah AFLX… the much discussed variation of Australian Rules Football made its long-awaited debut last month in Adelaide. The hybrid game then travelled onto Melbourne before culminating in Sydney in what was a marathon three-day three-tournament series. It was certainly an unusual experience going in completely blind. It’s one thing knowing footy inside out but throw in a rectangular field, silver Sherrins and Zooper goals into the mix and it’s…

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Behind the scenes: 2017 AFL season, Round 1-22

So that’s the 2017 AFL season in the bag, and what an epic year it was. From the start of February, with the first ever AFL Women’s Competition, right through to the last Saturday in September – or late October if you’re counting the Trade Period too – this season has been one rollercoaster of a ride I’ll never forget. When you live, breath and work footy that equates to…

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A cheat’s guide to anti-ageing: Everything you need to know from a skincare expert

Ageing. Ugh. Who really wants to contemplate the pitfalls of getting older… Not me! But rather than pretend like it’s not happening I’m attempting to face up to facts, hello fines lines EVERYWHERE, and get on the front foot in slowing this whole process down. While the subject is not necessarily high on the order of conversation, anti-ageing certainly is on the mind of most as some of us search for…

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