Laser Genesis: How to get your skin glowing this event season

Laser Genesis

Left: Immediately after my Laser Genesis treatment at Clinica Lase. Right: Four days later, Brownlow ready wearing only tinted moisturiser. (No retouching)

It’s one of the most popular laser treatments going around. Laser Genesis is best known for its little to no downtime and ability to get the skin glowing. Exactly why it’s a pre-event favourite for many celebrities, socialites and now me at Melbourne’s Clinica Lase.

September is my busiest month with footy finals leading into the Brownlow and Grand Final week. This year I also hosted the AFL’s Snapchat live stories during the major Melbourne finals and Brownlow Medal night.

With long days in the office and weekends working late at games my diet/sleep/lifestyle regime all but went out the window. This meant my skin was in much need of a refresh come the final, and most important, week of the month.

I needed a skin pick-me-up with instant visible results. Laser Genesis was the recommended treatment by Clinica Lase’s expert clinicians as the perfect skin pick me up with the quickest turnaround. So did it live up to all the hype and my expectations? Read more in my review below.

The low down on Laser Genesis

What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis as non-invasive laser technology that treats fine lines, wrinkles, diffuses redness, acne. Laser Genesis works by gently heating the upper dermis well below your skin’s surface, stimulating collagen and improving the appearance of wrinkles.

What does it feel like?

Unlike a lot of other laser treatments, Laser Genesis provides minimal discomfort. I would describe it as a warming sensation of the skin, but once each section of the face is complete the skin cools quite quickly.

Is there any downtime post procedure?

I had a dinner date post procedure and had no qualms about showing my face! I was slightly pink in the cheeks but pleasantly surprised to see only that when I looked in the mirror. The following day I woke up with the redness in my cheeks and felt a little warm.

What are the results like?

Overall I was very pleased with the results, specifically for my busy Grand Final week. My complexion appeared refreshed and I most notably noticed a reduction in redness and an overall evening out of tone. I can certainly see why it’s such a popular laser treatment at this time of year!

By Anne Fedorowytsch

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