Review: My all-time favourite face masks

I’m a firm believer that every woman needs a face mask in her skincare routine, stat. At least one. Maybe two. I move between three or four. Once you get on board the mask bandwagon it’s kinda hard to stop. But there’s good reason for it!

To explain the wonders of these products I caught up with Crystal, a skincare expert and founder of Melbourne skincare clinic Clinica Lase. I’ve also included some detail on my thoughts and experiences with my favourite face masks, alongside of Crystal’s review, below.

Anne Fedorowytsch

What are the main benefits of using a face mask in your skincare routine?

The addition of using a mask once or twice a week can really make a difference in the appearance of your skin. Depending on the purpose of the mask, benefits can include:

  • Exfoliation
  • Added hydration
  • Deep clean/detoxing
  • Plumping

What can a face mask deliver that everyday products can’t?

Masks are designed to target a specific concern in the skin and can contain quite potent ingredients, which is why they are usually only recommended to be used once or twice weekly. For example, in addition to using a hydrating serum or moisturiser daily, a hydrating mask applied weekly can really enhance the results from your skin care.

What’s your favourite mask?

My all time favourite mask would have to be the Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask. It is applied to dry skin and massaged in to gently exfoliate. You can use it once or twice a week and you can also follow it with another mask of your choice to target something specific. I love to apply the Aspect Probiotic Sleep Mask directly afterwards to get hydrated, healthy skin. Using the Fruit Enzyme Mask first ensures that all of the dead skin cells have been removed to achieve maximum penetration of the Probiotic Mask goodness!

Our reviews:


Crystal: This mask is great because you have the hydrating properties with the added goodness of probiotics. It’s also really handy because you can put it on before bed and just rinse off in the morning!

Anne: I lovvvve this mask! I use it twice a week and find it the perfect remedy to dehydrated skin, particularly after flying. I put it on after I shower in the evening and am guaranteed to wake up the next day with hydrated and glowing skin.


Crystal: A fantastic mask for those with oily skin that is also sensitive.

Anne: I notice a reduction in oil through my t-zone after using this mask and find the exfoliating factor an added bonus, like two masks in one.


Crystal: The best! Makes the skin absolutely glow with exfoliation and hydrating ingredients. Also very good for those with a sensitive skin.

Anne: Up there with the Aspect Probiotic Sleep Mask as one of my favourites. To apply you gently rub the product over your face resulting in the instant removal of dead skin. As Crystal said, a must to make the skin glow. I use twice a week.


Crystal: The perfect mask for a breakout prone skin. Rids the skin of any pore-clogging pollution and helps to provide a brighter complexion.

Anne: A mask I use when my skin is feeling a little clogged, great after a week wearing makeup or a day spent outdoors.

By Anne Fedorowytsch

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